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"We are not Wellness Woo Woo"

NUMEE is a health and wellness company specializing in aligning exactly where you are today in your health and wellness journey.

NUMEE is a community of qualified wellness professionals paired with a fitness space that is local, customizable, and connects professionals with students in a tailored fitness environment.

NUMEE Provides a fully customized health and wellness journey tailored to you, other platforms force you to fit into their system. NUMEE’s customized choices support your journey and truly support you!

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If you are building your journey to wellness every day,

we see an alignment with NUMEE and what you are doing and we would love for you to become part of the founding investors of NUMEE.


We are looking for people who would like to invest $5000 or more to align with our team and mission to bring customized health to the world.


How many shares would you like to invest in today?

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Our Value Proposition

Imagine if you could personalize your journey by building your own total wellness platform. Would you choose all or some of these components… Nutrition, mindfulness, movement, fitness, meditation, emotional wellbeing. Would you choose to work with a coach, trainer, counselor, or journey on your own?

What if you could compete with others to achieve your personal goals by joining a like-minded community of people trying to improve through gamification or independently?

Would you be more comfortable using an app on your cell phone/tablet to access the content you desire?


This is Us

This is our story on our persoanl journey to wellness and what all brought us here to become a part of nuMee


Wellness Units

Would you like a physical space (stationary or mobile) custom-built for your exercise, movement, or mindfulness needs where you can virtually connect with your desired support team?

Do you always get along with your trainers? At NUMEE you will! We provide you with a brief personality survey to ensure we connect you using the “NUMEE True Fit” process to pair you with your professional improvement team of trainers and counselors to maximize motivation, satisfaction, and results.

Individuals,Military, First Responders,
Private Homes, Public Spaces, Corporations...

We meet you where you are and create your space...

Design Your Space Today

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The Future of Wellbeing at nuMee

nuMee App

Designing the app that you wish you had when you started your journey

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nuMee Ville

Building the future of Wellbeing one village at a time.

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nuMee Events

The Health Benefits of Drinking Tea Daily 

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nuMee Partners

Creative and collaborative partnerships which will support your wellnesss goals

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nuMee is designed for you.

Seriously...We have been you.


Having started, staggered, stopped, and started our true wellness journey over and over again. This is why we're meeting where you are to help you navigate where you want to be. You define the New You.

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