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Black Friday

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NUMEE Splash
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nuMee Splash HT 40.2
nuMee Splash Sauna 40.3
office container
GYM Container
Front angle NUMEE Can
NUMEE prototype

Who We Are

The nuMee Community is not just another community to join or be a part of to fit in. This is a lifestyle and belonging to a family that is committed to your wellness and being there at every stage.


But it all starts with our Community of Practitioners, specialists, coaches and nuMeeologist who help you every step of the way and are a part of our Marketplace of Wellness. When you join this marketplace you will be provided with the resources to help every nuMeeologist who is committed to their long term wellness goals.

We also make it fun to just use your superpower to touch more people and make your community a better and more well place to be a part of. Join Us and make a difference!!

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Who Are We
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