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The Wellness Unit

Our customers can have a customized nuMee Can( Container and Neurodiversity Unit)equipped with the latest in high-tech home workout gear made to your specifications. This will allow you to take a holistic approach to wellness by incorporating physical fitness with personalized well-being plans while guiding your wellness journey with a certified numeeologist who mentors you through the process of becoming a nuMee( New Me).

Your next steps to a better, healthier, and happier lifestyle will soon only be a few taps away with your smartphone. With the nuMee Life App( Coming Soon), you can book and access our Units based on your wellness preference(Mind, Nutrition, Fitness).

Do you want an entire space to yourself with no queues for the equipment? How about a fully private session with a dedicated practitioner for you? How about your meal plan is fulfilled. The choice is yours!

The Benefits:

  • Users can enhance their wellness journey in customized studios made to their specifications for public or private use

  • SMART Cans will be fully operational 24 hrs/day with dedicated support staff to ensure you are met where you are.

  •  We are on a mission to provide access to a SMART Can for everyone to use whether they are commuting from work or just want to step outside of their home

  • You will have the ability to host small in-person sessions or connect with large groups online to broadcast from your existing nuMee Can​

  • Each space is uniquely designed to include smart technology and interconnected with devices that will respond to your commands

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